kate rutter

Hello Dear Friends of ARQ! This month, we’ve partnered with artist, stylist, and (brand new!) mother Kate Rutter to share with you some of her stunning film images in our cotton base layers. The former Portland, current Cleveland-based artist felt like the perfect fit for our Cherry and Burgundy base layers at almost 9 months pregnant and bursting with potent creative energy. (This is how artists ‘nest’, folks.) Scroll through for images and thoughts on her personal creative process, motherhood and family culture, and, of course, quintessential, comfortable, and luxurious base-layers. Enjoy!

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Kate and I am a mother. It’s the first time I have said that, I am a mother, since my son arrived about a week ago. My whole life I’ve been creating, but man this is another level... a human being, you know? What a trip!

I am also an artist. My medium shifts often. I get distracted and turned on easily, so sometimes I’m creating with collage other times flower or clay or photos. I recently got into stained glass but had to put it on hold when I found out I was expecting. All my work is just an extension of what’s happening in my heart. It’s the best way I’ve been able to ride the waves of a highly emotional being. But it’s not even necessarily that deep, it’s just playing around and getting there.

What does Real, Beautiful Play” mean to you in the context of the family culture that you hope to create with your kiddo on the way?

Real, beautiful play represents the vision I’ve carried within myself for the greater part of the last three years. The vision of what my life as a mother was to look like, or my future self. Which is wild because now is my current self and the time to embody those visions.

I’ve been calling in a being that would play with me here on earth. I promised them love, lightness, adventure and independence. I set out to be a calm, confident, breezy mother who would love and protect them while making joy a priority. And now here we are. Cheers darling one.

Can you speak to the luxury and simplicity of making sure you have some great base layers in your life?

Most of my life is simple, and thoughtful. The way I care for my body, my morning routine, the products I use, my food and clothing, they’re all super basic and mellow. When it comes to dressing my most sacred parts, it’s where I turn up the sensuality and luxury. I like feeling in to the idea that just beneath what everyone else sees, is this gorgeous female body in perfectly suited base layers. And cotton. It must always be cotton over the yoni. I’ve never been able to wear synthetics down there. There’s nothing synthetic about our lady-flowers and flowers need to breathe.