stevie van horn

Stevie Van Horn joined us this month and offered sweet musings on being a business owner, moving (read: joyous new beginnings), the pleasure that is moving your body AND staying still, and general rules for staying positive in an increasingly negative space (the world).
Stevie has unmatched energy for it all and we are happy to share a proverbial page out of her book this July :-) <3

Hi Stevie! We’re so excited to be talking to you today. You’ve moved into a new place over the past month or so, and we all know the refreshing “new beginning” feeling that moving brings. How have you been making your home, creating your space, and nurturing the ups and downs of change?

Oh man, the new house move-in was so lovely and a huge transition! My Yay for Earth production has been made in my house for the past 4 years but we are now able to afford an actual YFE space for shipping and my production which means I was able to move into a way smaller and cozier space that is perfect for just me. I LOVE staying home a lot so it was important for me to find a space that matched my forest-y and upbeat vibes. Creating the space means lots of plants, finding second hand items to make it unique and adding personal touches. The ups and downs of the change has been real but I find that getting outside in Nature is so important for my mental health.

We love your line of natural body products– Yay for Earth. The golden body oil is a personal favorite of mine... What inspired you to create a skincare line packed with only a few powerful, natural ingredients? Have you encountered any unexpected challenges in running your own small business? We definitely have! ;-)

AWWW!! (I'm so happy that you love the body oil, it's my favorite). The inspiration was more of a deep need to find things that worked with my own sensitive skin and I couldn't find anything that was created with minimal plastic and of the highest quality or fit to my love of protecting the planet. When I started making my lotion years before I started selling it, I was blown away that minimal high quality ingredients straight from Nature could start reversing damage and improve my skin in so many ways. Then someone online requested that I make it for others and I decided it would be a fun hobby to offer something I love so much. A big challenge is scaling - as I have never owned my own business, I am learning so many things every single day and there is tons of trial and error. Another fun challenge is never compromising and to always make sure we are growing in a way that will help the Earth. Figuring out new ways to minimize plastic, or repurposing parts of our production to make the next part of production is so fun!

Not only do we need to take care of our bodies from the exterior, with luscious oils and scents, but we also need to nourish and mend our interior selves with just as much care. How do you take care of your interior self? What inspires you to move, disconnect, and rejuvenate?

Moving my body was the answer to a lot of struggles I had in my 20's and running is the true love of my life. For me, it's so important to remind yourself that moving your body is a reward and not a punishment and its also so important to know that not everyone has the same form of moving the body! Running releases my stagnant energy, shifts my perspective, helps me connect and understand my body, and makes me feel strong daily. The inspiration comes from the feeling I get afterwards and using it as fuel for the next time. Tea ceremony is another big one for me which allows me to do the same thing running does but in a more meditative and introspective way. I find the best way to enjoy these things is to also form consistency around them so its as important as drinking water or eating food!

To know you is to witness your innate knack for bringing energy and life to the important things. How do you sustain and thrive in your positivity when our surroundings can be so negative? Are there any memories, notions, or affirmations that you look to for hope when you are in need?

There are many ways for me to sustain my positivity -  a lot of times it means embracing the negativity around me (the news, suffering of our planet, other species and people) and feeling the pain and suffering that is around. Sitting in that uncomfortableness has allowed it to move through me easier and often times is a cathartic way for me to feel more compassion in life. Another way for me to sustain my positivity is kind of the opposite where I filter out things that don't serve me such as comparing myself to others or keeping people in my life that don't serve me. Creating boundaries for myself and saying no to things I know I don't want to do or have time for is the biggest self care I can give myself. This all frees up space so I can step into who I am meant to be and be the best version of myself for the people I love. I give myself daily affirmations - whether I am running slow and saying "good job stevie!" or if I am procrastinating and telling myself "you got this!". Being your own biggest cheerleader is such a fun way to find hope and the best part is that it's coming from yourself!

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Photos by: Nick Karas