Replacing a Button

Replacing a Button

Jenny Gordy from Shop Wiksten has done it again with a super helpful and thorough tutorial on replacing buttons! If a garment loses a button, it's so easy to set it aside and either forget to fix it or feel like you're not up to the task. Here, Jenny will talk you through, step-by-step, to perform the best damn button replacement you've ever seen, if you do say so yourself! Even veteran sewers may get a few great tips from this one. xx

Replacing a Button-
Life happens, and sometimes a well-loved garment will lose a button.  There's no reason to fret!  You can replace that button in no time.  Here's how:
Materials needed: needle, thread, button, scissors, seam ripper, and spacer (a match, needle, pin, or toothpick).  Optional: thimble.
Start by using a seam ripper to remove any thread left over where the button was originally.  Thread a long length of thread onto the needle, tying the end with a double knot.  You should be able to see little holes in the fabric where the button was sewn before, and this is where you'll insert the needle.  Make a few tiny stitches to secure the thread.
Bring the needle through one of the button's holes.  Center the button and bring the needle back down through the button hole below the first one and through to the fabric's back side.  Insert the spacer into the loop you just made.  (If you can't find a spacer, just sew loosely.)  Holding the button in place, bring the needle back up through the fabric into the first button hole.  Come down through the second button hole and fabric again, and repeat the process several times.  Move over to the next set of button holes, creating loops that are parallel to the first.
Using a thimble can help protect your fingertip. 
Bring the needle back up underneath but not through the button.  Remove the spacer and wrap the thread several times around the threads underneath the button, forming a shank.  Make a few tiny, hidden stitches underneath the button and tie a knot.  Trim thread.

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