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Mother's Day At Home : Ali V

mother's day at home : ali v

Photographer and Friend of ARQ Ali V. created these captivating photos of her friends Renee, Olivia, and Emily with their children.

We find these images especially inspiring and poignant given the visceral, physical, and sometimes grueling nature of motherhood – so many of us wish we could hold our own mothers right now just like they held, comforted, and nourished us. And for those who's mothers did not, our thoughts and our love are with you on this day as well.


I’m a professional climber and yogi. I’ve spent several years traveling teaching yoga and climbing all over the world adventuring. My greatest adventure  however has been giving birth to my son Walker and the journey involved with being a first time Mother. Perhaps one of the greatest practices of all time. I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to spend most of my time with him since his birth. I’ve since slowly come back to yoga and climbing.. In these challenging times.. I still keep my regular practice of yoga.. it’s always been my corner stone. I have to admit I was already home a lot before quarantine life. So things are not so drastically different. I guess the silver lining is that I get to spend more time with the whole family at home.. and in reality it’s truly a blessing to have so many helping hands.


My name is Emmy and I am a mother of a 3 yr old and 6 yr old. I am the owner of a one woman boutique salon in Boulder, CO. With the unexpected closing of my salon, I’ve been incredibly grateful in having so much time and space to nurture my boys full time. Our homeschool has primarily been going back to simplicity and reconnecting with our roots. We do little with screens and choose to focus on slowing down and taking time with nature. So much of what’s being asked of their education is right here in our home, nature and in our back yards. Ours is now blossoming and abundant of herbs, flowers and every vegetable imaginable that we have curated and planted together. Planting, baking and daily culinary endeavors fills our days to the brim and it’s lovely. The time and space to do so more presently has been a gift. We’ve also adopted seven chicks and a sourdough start. There is a lot to do, and all of it nourishing, and meaningful. Baking and cooking from what we grow and create. Daily, they help me package and ship my organic @foret_salt salt spray that I created start to finish. I’d hire and trust them fully! It’s been wild, it’s been strange, but I can’t find the words to what a beautiful awakening this time has been. I am a mother. It is my biggest, fullest love.


My name is Renee and I’m a special needs mama, wife, friend, sister, and daughter. Food is my love language. Never has motherhood, or life for that matter, looked so raw and uncertain. It took me three years to recognize that my life was severely lacking self care and more deeply, self love. It took getting trapped in my own home, with my little family, to reach the dark depths of pain and hurt — my rock bottom. I desperately needed to change my rhythm. My lungs and mind needed more air, more life.  I wasn’t grounded and very much needed to see and believe my worth and value (again). It started with the most raw and vulnerable practice of all, per recommendations from both my couples counselor and personal therapist, to stand in front of the mirror naked or in minimal clothes and speak to myself as though my family, dear friends, and lover would speak to me. That act of love is now a daily ritual and continues to teach and remind me so much. Most of all, it has given me the gift of caring for my body and knowing all it is capable of, especially the gift of bringing my two beautiful and unique daughters earth-side. We are all worthy of love, compassion, passion, joy, empathy, and the list goes on. Be vulnerable. Be the ever-so-beautiful YOU. You are worth it.

Ali // The Photographer!

My name is Ali and I'm a mama to a 10-month-old, partner to an amazing man, and a lifestyle photographer. Documenting these mother’s and their babes from the outside looking in helps share a glimpse of their lives in quarantine at home. This is such a fragile time in all of our lives and everyone is effected differently. However, these mamas and I share one thing; our endless love and devotion to our little ones. I cannot be more grateful to experience this time with our little guy, to witness him grow, and watch him discover life’s beauty. I am learning to slow down and just be, a blessing that keeps my heart full. Happy Mother’s Day, beautiful mamas. Fill yourselves with love and beauty, today and everyday.

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Ali's Website : ali-v.co