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friend of arq feature : andrea ámez

Nothing better than starting off January 2021 to the tune of these words: “the world is ready for you.” Skin Godmother & Melanin Specialist Andrea Ámez bestows us with some self rooting, confidence-inspiring, skin + mind revitalizing words this month. Andrea embodies these sentiments, breaking down barriers in the all too often all too white skincare world. Thank you for your guiding confidence, Andrea…

Andrea! We are oh-so excited to get to chat with you this month. Your titles “skin godmother,” and “melanin specialist” quite literally describe your presence in the skincare world. Obviously, there is a massive need for more melanin informed skincare professionals- how has this need shaped your experience and growth in your profession? How has your relationship with your skin and skincare changed as you’ve thrived in the industry?

This is such a great question and really at the core of what I do. My interest in the beauty industry stemmed from the fact that I didn’t see much BIPOC representation in the beauty space when I started my career in 2013. It was the typical older female who 9 out of 10 times was blonde and white—so you can imagine I would be a bit skeptical and dare I say less comfortable seeking advice from someone who didn’t have PERSONAL experience with skin that resembled mine. So, knowing that I went to beauty school with the intention of serving people of color and that has always been my mission since day 1. As a Latinx female, for the last seven years I grew accustomed to being the “ethnic token” at pretty much all of the studios I worked for, all of which were and are owned by white females. Now as I’m getting older, I’m much more vocal and unapologetic about representation, community, and creating space for my BIPOC community. Running and owning my own facial practice has changed everything for me—I don’t care about the popularity, the IG clout and I’m here to make others especially my community feel good internally and externally. It really is as if I am LIVING and BREATHING exactly what my purpose is right now.   

2020 was a wild year for all of us. How has the meaning of home shifted for you over the past year since experiencing quarantine? How are you finding solace and comfort at home while maintaining a balance with work, family, and desire for community?

I have never spent so much time at home!! I think all service providers can agree that we don’t spend much time at home. I went from pretty much giving facial treatments all day to a sudden STOP which was bizarre for me. As a self-proclaimed workaholic, I took the opportunity to really slow down this year, and yes of course I didn’t have a choice amidst a global pandemic but it was a big lesson for me. There is so much blessing in spending more time with ONESELF and I have really mastered what it means to work on myself. I’ve never been so aligned with what my body needs and for once started to prioritize myself. I stretch, I trampoline, I cook, I cry, I laugh, I plan and I manifest. Because facials have been so unpredictable during this time, my new online store venture has been such a light in my day. I’m learning to pivot professionally and that has been a nice reminder to keep going, one day at a time.

What are your professional and life plans for the coming year, as you continue creating and thriving? Any words of wisdom for those of us out there who are striving to lead intentional lives and build something beautiful?

Since 2020 was the year of adjustment and learning, I finally made my dream a reality of creating an online store while simultaneously launching my first facial product. I’m carrying this out for 2021 and really working to expand ÁMEZ MARKETPLACE to my exact vision which is entirely based on BIPOC representation of creators and product lines that I not only love but have vetted professionally. I would advise anyone to write down and really tap in on that checklist or dream list—that is literally what I did at the start of the pandemic. I also think being gentle with yourself is also key in this crazy digital, Instagram heavy world that can make you feel very small sometimes. I’m probably the most confident person in the world regarding my work but sometimes these digital platforms make you feel like you aren’t producing, inventing, or KILLING it fast enough and I really hate that. Success comes with genuine intention and sometimes that takes time and that is OK. I used to think that something had to be absolutely perfect before putting it out which is true to a certain extent but I also think I encourage people to throw that FEAR OR DOUBT in the back seat and just put out your work because I promise you, the world is ready for you.

Tell us about your daily rituals and routines. We know (and love) that you practice holistic skincare, can you tell us what that looks like for you? What are your favorite acts for balance, grounding, and self care on top of that?

As you can imagine I have many little rituals that I’m pretty religious on. First thing I do when I wake up is stretch my limbs and thank my body for allowing me to move. I was inspired by my little poodle, Sailor who never fails to stretch before she starts her day—so I figured if dogs do this I can do this too! Despite being a facialist, I do keep a fairly simple routine! I cleanse, tone, moisturize and end with one my four rotating facial oils that I adore (and of course SPF if I feel the need!) What I’ve become really good at it is taking time to masque and sit under my LED light which was so KEY during my recovery post-surgery a few months ago. I’m always working on my energetic and higher self, so my partner and I are big on drawing cards from our animal deck where we take the opportunity to check in with each other. I keep a giant selenite, and when I say giant it weighs about 12 pounds to keep the energy clear and grounded. I also try to keep a balance between the digital world and my world. I set boundaries with online time and I try to read or listen to a podcast instead of you know… losing yourself in the matrix! Also spending time in nature whether that’s a sunset beach walk or a simple walk around my neighborhood helps me to decompress after a work day! 

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