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friend of arq feature : trina cary

Trina lives fully and deliberately and it shows in her imagery. A photographer and doula who is deeply moved by the raw power of childbirth and breastfeeding, Trina is at home anywhere in the world and seeks to also make her subjects not just feel at ease, but inspired–like the process and its results (and YOU) are a gift. You can see the joy and ease that her friends are experiencing in the gorgeous series below. Scroll through to read more about her process, lifestyle, and thoughts on bodies, earth, relationships... We know youll enjoy this warm and thoughtful read.

Thank you so much for including us in this beautiful project! Organic cotton base-layers on lovely friends out in nature feels like a perfect fit. How did this concept/group of collaborators come about?

I met Maria @mummyuniverse a couple months before and she introduced me to a couple of her friends online, one of whom was a fellow Canadian which is very exciting when you are living abroad. So the group was easy to create as all three of them are friends and all live in the same part of Austria. The location we picked was a spot they spend lots of time at together in the summer. 

You seem drawn to the themes of motherhood, bodies, joy, and empowerment. What do you think has drawn you in this direction?

Women fascinate me. How our bodies work and function. How we can grow and nurture a baby. Watching the postpartum body transform and the milk dripping from women's breasts never gets old to me. I have always wanted to have something to do with child birth, when I was younger I tossed around the idea of becoming a midwife, and am now a birth doula which ties in nicely with being a photographer and offering birth photography and birth doula services together.


Your travel schedule is SO busy–a true bohemian lifestyle! Can you speak to the joys and challenges of working creatively on-the-go, maintaining relationships, difficult goodbyes, etc etc? 

Oh gosh... I could talk forever on this topic. I have put a lot of effort into becoming an international photographer. I grew up traveling which definitely helped ease me into it but there's nothing like your first trip on you own... Nothing prepares you for that. I am not a true gypsy, I struggle; there are days when you have to eat alone, adventure alone and the only person you talk to is yourself. It can be trying and sometimes even sad. Living abroad was one of the hardest, best things I've ever done. Every single day you are living outside your comfort zone which is a beautiful but raw experience but as humans I think we need these experiences to really appreciate this life. I stay in touch with post cards and social media and I believe there is no such thing as goodbye, just see you later.

Our theme for this month’s POSY is ‘tellurian,’ which means: of or inhabiting the earth. You were such a good fit for our feature on many levels. Tell us about your relationship to ‘earth’ (whatever definition you’d like to go with), your relationship with it, and how that informs your work.

Earth to me is the soil, the ground, nature, the wild... The Earth is what connects me to this planet. Where all my energy comes from. If not for the landscapes and wildlife of this planet I wouldn't have ever picked up a camera. It was Earth that brought me this passion. I started with photography because I wanted to capture the water and how it sparkled when the light hit it a certain way, I wanted to capture a mumma bird feeding her babies and I wanted to delve into the incredible world of macro. Seeing Earth up close... dew drops and insects, textures and details. From there I blossomed and it brought me to where I am today, but I am still so connected to the land and being outside in nature. Sometimes I truly feel like mother nature herself, whenever I've gone through something tragic or highly emotional, whenever I need that storm, it comes. It always comes. The rain washes over me as if it's there to cleanse my soul. When I was little I used to sing to the clouds and pretend I was the one making the thunder. 

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