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karyn fiebich

Fellow vintage lover and self-identifying homebody, Karyn Fiebich is here this month discussing the artistry + exploration that accompanies her floral work, the best parts of being a dog mom, and the importance of morning affirmations (“Good morning, I love you!”) and zoom therapy for true pandemic survival. Tune in! 

Karyn! We love your cozy, vintage forward style and the way it contrasts and compliments the brightness of your floral work, Osa Floral. Can you tell us about the way color plays a role in both your style and your work? Your floral arrangements are so unique in their vibrance, what drew you to create in this way?

I am not sure that this has much to do with my style in clothing, but the work I create for Osa is an exploration of color, shape, and texture through the medium of flowers. I like to call it an art project instead of a business. Osa was conceived in my early 20s right after I got out of art school and began a marketing career in the agency/corporate world. I am 32 years old now, and Osa has been an outlet to explore what I’m into at the moment, without creative constrictions.

2020 was a wild year for all of us. How has the meaning of home shifted for you over the past year since experiencing quarantine? How are you finding solace and comfort at home while maintaining a balance with work, family, and desire for community?

I am such a homebody, that being at home is usually comforting to me. One thing I have been practicing this year more than ever is just being ok with whatever feelings are arising each day and letting myself feel it and work through it whether it makes sense or not. 

Having zoom sessions with my therapist has helped a lot too:) 

What are your professional and life plans for the budding year, as you continue creating and thriving? Any words of wisdom for those of us out there who are striving to lead intentional lives and build something beautiful?

Honestly, I don’t have any real plans or goals for this coming year other than to continue to flow with whatever comes with an open mind, an awareness for others, and as much grace as I can give it. If I have learned one thing from this last year, it is that having expectations does not serve me well. 

This being said, I imagine there will be lots of flowers and Gemma kisses in my future. 

Tell us about your daily rituals and routines. We know that includes a daily walk for Gemma, the cutest pup! What are your favorite acts for balance, grounding, and self care on top of that?

Well, my favorite daily ritual starts somewhere between 5.30a and 6.30a every morning when gemma wakes me up for her first meal of the day. We go into my living room and before I pour her breakfast we have a little snuggle and affirmation talk that goes something like, “good morning, I love you. good morning, I love you” to start the day off and then I pour her b-fast and she goes back to sleep while I get ready for the day. 

Between flowers and production work, my days and weeks vary quite a bit.

My outward acts of self-care are taking care of my skin, drinking lots of water, getting fresh air, and eating well most of the time:) 

and balancing all of that with some evening natty wine on occasion of course:) 

I have been reading a lot lately. A book I recently finished that I highly recommend is the bell jar by Sylvia Plath. wowie.

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