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When ARQ was founded in 2016, we began as a children's line making detailed garments in tiny batches for little ones. As we slowly grew, our line of supremely functional and beautiful organic cotton base-layers became the focus of our brand. When we introduced an adult-sized version, we discovered a profound thirst for these basics and have been happily trying to meet your underwear needs ever since!

Curious about our processes? Thought you’d never ask!

One of the things we love about making your underpants is that they are arguably (no judgement here!) an essential item that most are unlikely to thrift or share and are usually worn until they need to be retired. From that starting point, we also ensure that our fabrics are thoughtfully sourced from certified organic and/or deadstock materials and dyed at factories with extremely high standards of social and environmental responsibility. We contract with a family-owned (three generations!) US sewing factory that we are really proud to have as a partner. We ship USPS whenever possible in entirely plastic-free, recyclable shipping materials, and we are always learning and looking for ways to reduce waste in every step of our processes.

We are also growing! Have you noticed? Trying to do so sustainably in a time and place where this task can be a bit complicated for a small business with no interest in chasing capital or moving production overseas has been a little wild at times. We thank you for both your enthusiasm and your patience with us! Our wonderful community has surrounded ARQ like a warm, diverse, and uplifting hug. That uplift propels us to make and be a product and culture that contributes to this growing community in a deliberate, joyful, and connected way.

We are genuinely happy to provide in-depth answers (seriously, we love talking about this stuff) to any questions you may have about our practices, company, hobbies, and/or favorite foods via email at

Thanks for being here, supporting ARQ, and sharing in this thing we’ve created. We appreciate you so much!