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When ARQ was founded in 2016, we began as a children's line making detailed garments in tiny batches for little ones. As we slowly grew, our line of supremely functional and beautiful organic cotton base-layers became the focus of our brand. When we introduced an adult-sized version, we discovered a profound thirst for these basics and have been happily trying to meet your underwear needs ever since!

We are grateful to have found US suppliers and sewers who not only care about quality, but also about ethical labor standards and cleaner manufacturing processes. Our underwear fabrics are manufactured in the US, are GOTS certified, and the dye process they go through is either GOTS or BlueSign certified as well. We are always learning and evolving, whether it be in regards to environmental impact, company culture, involvement in local community, or connection to the wonderful global community that has surrounded ARQ like a warm, diverse, and uplifting hug. That uplift propels us to make and be a product and culture that contributes to this growing community in a deliberate, joyful, and connected way.


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