bo carney

Bo Carney, keeper of LA’s beloved Mohawk General Store and mother who embodies the springtime spirit of reset + renewal, talked to us this month about motherhood, nesting, having timeless style, and the importance of a good morning-time cuddle. Happy April :-)

We can’t start this without a big congratulations to you and Kevin (and Bowie!) for your new baby on the way! We’re so happy for you all. As spring is setting in, this year is really starting to feel different to us. Do you have any plans to prepare for and welcome the changes that 2022 will bring?

Thank you! It’s been quite a journey to reach this point. And Yes there are lots of big changes coming this year for sure. We moved into our new house last year and doing a lot of renovations in preparation for baby. It was like this when I was pregnant with Bowie too. Something clicks inside me and I suddenly need to make the house as baby-friendly and as nice as possible. I guess this is nesting and it's an instinct. This time around we redid a bathroom for the kids and also completely gutting and redoing the guest house.

Also since we work for ourselves Kevin and I have to plan our work responsibilities to accommodate for new baby. This will probably entail a lot of delegating and letting go for a few months. Which I think will be good for everyone to do every now and then.

We so admire your shop and style– it’s a tenacious mixture of fashionable minimalism and utilitarian maximalism. In other words, it feels natural, consistent, and playful in a way that leans into color and texture while never straying too far from function. Have you seen your style change in any way over the years, through owning a successful store and becoming a mother?

Yes growing older, being a mom, the pandemic, etc there are lots of factors determining what I purchase and wear. I wouldn’t really say my style has changed too much. I always think of my style as modern and simple with occasional moments of whimsy. But yes the items I gravitate towards now are more geared towards comfort, functionality, quality than when I was younger. But still have to spark joy and make me feel good and put together when I put it on.

We’ve found that over the past two tumultuous years, one thing that is consistent for us is the need to stay grounded and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. How are you taking care of yourself and your family these days? Do you all have any special rituals you take part in daily, weekly, or monthly?

Yes it’s the little moments that can really make a difference in your existence. Every morning we all spend 10 minutes in our bed and just snuggle and hang out. It sets a good tone for the day. Weekly dinners out at a restaurant we love. We also try to take trips even if it is a short local one at least every couple months just to get out of our day-to-day and refresh our perspectives. 


Be it dancing in the kitchen while cooking a meal, buying flowers from a favorite local florist, or an evening walk with a loved one, we find ourselves clinging to joyous moments this year with renewed zeal. In the spirit of sharing (and clinging to) joy– can you share with us something that without-fail brings you joy any day of the week?

I love having weekly Korean lunches with friends or even solo. I haven’t been back home in 3 years so am quite a bit homesick. This kind of releases that tension. Especially being pregnant I am getting the craziest cravings for spicy food and these little lunches bring me lots of joy.


Bo on Instagram: @bo_yeong
Photos by: @sophiaschrank